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Learn how to avoid costly toilet, sink, and bathtub repairs

Drain Repair

Many basic plumbing repairs are caused by things that are easily preventable. There are always cases where the plumbing itself develops problems. Sometimes pipes rust through a leak or fill up with mineral deposits. But almost all drain repairs are caused by things that homeowners could prevent with just a little bit of care.

Toilet Repairs

In most cases, fixing toilets doesn’t take long and is fairly easy for someone who can handle the toilet or who has help in lifting it. Some toilet repairs are necessary simply because components are old and need replacement.

For instance, a toilet that’s leaking from beneath with water running out onto the floor most likely just needs a wax replacement ring. You can let the wax warm up, turn off the water, drain the toilet, unscrew it from the floor and put the new ring around the drain hole before pushing the toilet straight down on top of it and carefully back into place.

Clogs and poor flushing are usually caused by someone flushing items down the toilet that should not be there, or a by a flushing mechanism that’s faulty. Small toys and paper products besides toilet paper can clog a toilet and require repair. A toilet snake can be used to break up the clog. If not even water flushes into the bowl to flush it properly, a new ball and cock mechanism may be needed in the toilet tank. It also could be that the tiny holes under the rim of the toilet have become clogged with minerals, soap or lime. Using a mirror, you can poke through those holes to allow water to flow into the toilet freely.

Bathtub Repairs

Bathtub repairs because of clogged drains can be costly if you need a plumber. By using a hair trap and keeping things like hair and small pieces of soap from going down the drain, you’ll have a much lesser chance of having a clog. You may be able to remove to the drain cover and use needle-nosed pliers or another long instrument to remove hair and get the water flowing freely again. If not, plunging or running a pipe snake down the overflow valve can’t help push a clog through and get the drain running again.