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Plumbing Installation

Canyon Plumbing offers plumbing installation services for home and business

Plumbing installation is usually best left to a licensed plumber.

If something should go wrong during installation, the warranty on the toilet or bathtub is usually voided when someone besides a certified plumber has attempted the installation. So for peace of mind, even though it comes with a higher price tag, a plumber might be your best choice for any type of plumbing installation.

Drain Installation

Drain installation, in particular, especially if you have to install drain pipes for a very long distance, can be tricky. And often there are code requirements for things like vents in the drain system that it’s best for a plumber to install.

Bathtub Installation

Bathtub installation is probably the type of installation that you should always get a plumber for because it’s the most difficult item to install and much more complicated than installing a sink or toilet. The sheer size of a bathtub makes it a difficult job, and getting the drain and the water lines hooked up properly can be a challenge even for plumbers in tight situations or when unusual plumbing is present.

Sink Installation

Sink installation is less tricky and involved than tub installation because it’s usually much easier to get to all the necessary water and drain lines. The difficult part is often when you’ve dropped the sink into the vanity or countertop and it turns out that the drain pipe that’s there is too long or short and has to be adjusted. Measuring everything carefully beforehand can prepare you for this and help prevent surprises. Plastic drains can be cut to fit, or longer pieces can be used if necessary. Just be sure you understand how to properly connect the pipes to avoid leaks.

Toilet Installation

Toilet installation may be the easiest because there’s no need to connect a drain pipe. The toilet simply sits on top of the drain and doesn’t leak because of a watertight seal formed by a cheap, wax ring that sits between the toilet and the pipe. Installing a toilet is as easy and pushing it down onto that wax ring, tightening the bolts that come through the holes in the floor and attaching the water line.

Problems that seem common in our homes, like leaky faucets can actually ruin the image of a large commercial space, like a hotel or mall. In such facilities, the complicated system of plumbing including all pipes, valves, drains and faucets have to be maintained smoothly at all times.